Feeling overwhelmed and need fire damage services upon which you can rely?  Constructive Services LLC is a full service company that can take care of it all, anywhere in Southeastern-Michigan.  We have the training, experience , and equipment needed for top quality fire and smoke damage repair, smoke and odor removal, and water damage restoration.

After a fire, there is so much to do, and time is critical.  We will cover any openings to protect against the elements and unauthorized entry, and will perform extensive derby removal and repairs.

 There’s only a one-to -two day window to. head off further destruction.  We advise you to take the time, however, and make sure the contractor you hire is experienced and has all the necessary qualifications.  They must be appropriately licensed and insured.  Otherwise, you could end up with unnecessary deterioration, shoddy work, and even a workman’s injury lawsuit.  Additionally, they should have a long-term presence in Southeastern-Michigan area so that you can count on them to back up their work.