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Complete Renovation Services

Constructive Services, LLC is a family-owned company. We are licensed and insured in the state of Michigan for remodeling & new construction and has been proudly serving customers all across Michigan for over 10 years.

Constructive Services, LLC is committed to provide the highest possible standards in construction while maintaining core values as honesty, integrity and responsibility. Constructive Services, LLC places customer’s satisfaction above all else while striving to complete projects quickly and efficiently. The Constructive Services, LLC team are always open to new and innovative ideas and strive to keep pace with today’s modern design ideas.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation. You can discuss your home improvement objectives with our hard-working team of employees and designers to bring your vision to life.

Stock | Semi-Custom | Custom

At Constructive Services, LLC,, we are focused on ensuring complete customer satisfaction and are here to help guide you through the entire process—from design to installation and use. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of stock, semi-custom and custom cabinetry. Our cabinet installations are guaranteed to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom into a more modern and functional space in your home.
If you’re not sure about which option—stock, semi-custom, or custom is the right choice for you; we’ve outlined the basics here. For a more complete analysis and advice, please contact us today.

Stock Cabinetry

Stock cabinetry is the best option for a project with a tight budget or quick deadline. This is typically the least expensive of the three options and can be delivered and installed in the shortest amount of time because there is no need for custom design and fabrication. The downside of stock cabinetry is that because the pieces are manufactured in bulk, there is no potential for customization in terms of size, style, color, and types of wood. If you need cabinets installed in an area with specific space constraints or if you have very specific colors or styles that you’re looking for, a semi-custom or custom cabinetry installation may be the better option.

Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Semi-custom cabinets are the middle ground between stock and custom. There is some potential for customization, which includes some dimension and depth alterations, more colors and style choices, but you will not get as extensive of a selection with semi-custom cabinetry, as you will with custom cabinets. However, these cabinets can be a good option for those on a budget that do need some room for customization.

Custom Cabinetry

The possibilities with custom cabinetry are endless. As each piece is fabricated exactly to your preferences and specifications, it will be perfectly suited to the style and size of the project itself. This is the most expensive and time-consuming option, as skilled craftsmen will create the cabinets completely from scratch. With custom cabinetry you can also expect the utmost attention to detail, and a completely personalized touch.

Quality Countertop Installation

We provide quality countertop installation services throughout Southeast Michigan, using the best technicians. We will arrive prepared, better understand customer expectations and creates a system of accountability. Every measurement is taken on site with state-of-the-art digital equipment, delivering a level of superior precision not possible with hand measurements or cardboard templates. We strive to make the installation process simple and hassle-free. Our teams remove items from cabinets, take out any drawers and don’t paint until finishing work. Upon job completion, all drawers are re-installed, and items are returned to their original positions. If you are looking to add beautiful custom countertops to your home, contact us today.

Installing the below countertops types and more:

Granit Countertops
Quartz Countertops
Marble Counter Tops
Corian Countertops

Custom Laminate Countertops
Butcherblock Countertops
Solid Surface Countertops
Granite Look Countertops

Kitchen Countertops
Bathroom Countertops
Bar Countertops
High Definition Laminate

Flooring Services

Are you unhappy with the same old thing? Do you need to replace your flooring? Has your home or business become drab? Are you in

search of a change? Does your room need a makeover? It’s easy to get caught in the hum-drum when it comes to flooring, but you can make an easy change today. The flooring in your home or business acts as a palette, and we can spice up that palette with style and beauty!

We install the following floor types and more:
Hardwood Flooring | Engineered Wood | Laminate Flooring | Vinyl Plank Flooring | Vinyl Flooring | Carpeting

Tile Installation Services

If you are looking for help with tile installation, then you’ve come to the right place. Constructive Services’s tile installers have been working with tile installation services for a number of years and has a proven track record. We perform all kinds of tile installations, for both large and small scale projects. Our tile installers can help with any type of tile installation you could possibly need.

We install the floor tile and more:
Porcelain Tile | Travertine Tile | Marble Tile | Sandstone Tile

Kitchen Renovation & Remodel Services

There is nothing like a cozy warm kitchen to welcome you home after a long day. Beautiful colors and stylish cabinets can draw away your stress like magic. A beautiful kitchen is a place where the entire family can come together and where you can spend your weekends cooking up your favorite recipes.

If this does not describe your kitchen, then it is time to do some kitchen remodeling. A well-designed kitchen can be a major source of happiness and relaxation. It becomes the center of a home, a place for nourishment as well as joyful gatherings. If your kitchen does not feel bright and happy, there are things you can do to change that.

Why hire Constructive Services, LLC. to renovate your kitchen?

A space that was previously dull and cramped transforms into a bright, beautiful and happy place. The process of creating a dream kitchen requires knowing how different colors work together, how various materials fit different uses and how to unite all aspects into one beautiful project. This is an art. It requires the best of skills and a lot of experience. At Constructive Services, LLC, we have plenty of both. Contact us today.

Bathroom Renovation & Remodel Services

The Southwest Florida region is known for scenic landscapes and beautiful homes, and there’s no reason why your bathroom shouldn’t meet the same standards for luxury and stunning appeal! At Constructive Services, LLC., we can bring your outdated bathrooms into the modern age with products built for long-term durability and customizable style.

Our premier bathroom remodeling services include a wide range of products and services, including these popular options:
Shower Replacements | Replacement Tubs | Vanities & Cabinetry | Bathroom Conversions | Tile & Backsplash | Flooring Installation | Bathroom Fixtures | Mirrors & Glass

Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Your home is your most expensive prized possession. So, when it comes to house painting, you want a Southeast Michigan painting contractor that will treat it that way! At Constructive Services, LLC., we understand the importance of your home to you. So, we’ll treat your interior and exterior house painting project with a level of professional painting and attention to detail as if it was our own home!

Constructive Services, LLC. is proud to say we have satisfied residential house painting customers across Southeast Michigan including: Wayne, Oakland, Macomb counties and beyond.

Drywall Repair & Installation

Constructive Services, LLC provides high-quality workmanship from the start, beginning with the production phase and special attention to customer care. Our drywall Services include Drywall Installation, Drywall Repair, Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Painting, Wallpaper Removal and Stucco Repair. We take pride in paying attention to the little things. We work for both residential and commercial clients, specializing in all textures. We’ll work together with you as a team to complete the project and make sure you’re satisfied. Communication is an essential component – communication with home builder superintendents, trade superintendents, and homeowners. We do whatever is necessary to eliminate any issues that may come up – before they come up. Contact us today for an estimate.

Trim Carpentry & Molding

At Constructive Services, LLC., we are focused on providing the best value when it comes to Trim Carpentry and Molding installations.
Interior trim is the icing on the cake of any room. Trim merges architectural design with practical functionality – it adds both durability and beauty to our homes. But to many, the interior trim is so ubiquitous that we hardly give it a second thought. If you’re remodeling part of your home, talk to us about interior trim and how it can complement and complete your aesthetic vision.

  • Crown Molding – Crown Molding is one of the most intricate and challenging cuts there is in carpentry, lets us show you our skills.
  • Chair Rail – Chair Rail is a simple yet profound statement in your home that dresses your walls.
  • Wood Cornices – Wood Cornices are the finanl touch to your drapes, windows and doors, adding the ellegance you want.
  • Decorative Colomns – Arches and hallways have never looked better than being accented with the perfect magnifier, Decorative Colomns.
  • Tray Ceilings – Is the answer to framing your ceilings, giving the perfect accent and added posibilities.
  • Door Casings – Hallways and entrances no longer look naked or abandoned. Wall edges will be protected and enhanced.
  • Framing & Baseboard – Baseboard will give a bold look to any room and framing your walls the unique touch they were missing.
  • Front Door Headers – Your front door looks good outside, make it look great inside too. Show your front door potential.

Financing Availible

Hearth makes achieving the American Dream simple and affordable for real people. Hearth technology ensures homeowners get the best rates on home improvement financing. They only show options that have fixed payments and clear terms. Your information is important and we protect it using industry-leading encryption.

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